About us

What are our values? What is our mission? What about our secret weapons? Where are we located? What can we do for you?

Key people

Meet our team

Our team is composed of certified professionals with a constructive self-critical attitude, always eager to learn and improve themselves. We values SOLUTIONS not excuses, and our reasoning is rewarded with success. We act efficiently, effectively, competitively and strategically to improve your IT performance.


Spread country wide and locally available through a single point of contact in the heart of Belgium at Axis business center in Mont-Saint-Guibert.


Our mission is to anticipate, evaluate and recommend you with the most suitable solution. In addition, we succeed when you have the peace of mind necessary to achieve your highest goals, while we carefully sustain your IT infrastructure.


The secret-weapons we acquired throughout time and experience are our performance, proximity, efficiency, and constant learning, aimed at customer satisfaction. While living by the Golden Rule and treating customers in the same manner we would like to be treated ourselves. In this way, we achieve greater success.


Our values are based on real customer experience, proximity, passion for quality of service and commitment to our customers and partners. We offer a single point of contact for all your IT problems and we pride ourselves with the satisfaction of successfully accomplished operations.

Anthony Planchon


I started this company from scratch and built a team of professionals to help improve it, while bringing more value to our customers. Every member of our team has an equal role in the well-functioning of AP Consulting. My role is to generate a flow, while my team keeps the flow alive and make it grow.

Vincent KENNES

Sales Manager

With a diverse background, multilingual within the virtual and offline world, I complete the team by bringing creativity, design and communication strategies in a holistic work environment.

Raphaël PACI

Support Manager

Passionate about the world of technology, I appreciate technical challenges. Our team is constantly evolving and committed to resolve incidents as quickly as possible, managing each of them in order to impact our customers as little as possible.

Our work

Begins with a complete audit of your IT infrastructure followed by the 3AP’s

Then we offer a service marked by our three APs

  • Accurate Preparation

    through the information we gathered in the preformed audit, allowing us to bring to you the most adequate solutions

  • Advantageous Procurement

    we will provide you with the most resourceful deals for your hardware acquisitions.

  • Application Performance

    sharp in extending your assets life and mitigate externalities of you IT infrastructure.

Throughout the valuable work that our team accomplishes, we remain efficient with our communication and cost-effective with our solutions.

Our mission is to give you

our customer, the peace of mind necessary to achieve your highest aims while we take complete care of your IT infrastructure. Our many years of experience in the field, constant learning and expanding our horizons, allow us to provide our customer with the most up-to-date IT and telecommunication services.

Why should you choose us?

Well, let’s start at the beginning, with the W’s: Why?, What? and Who?

Information and Communication Technologies – hardware and software technologies allowing us to communicate, transfer, store and manipulate information. Modern technologies have altered and comprehensively reshaped the ways in whcih we communicate, study, interact and work today. Be it hardware computers, satellites or their applications and/or the means to employ them, they are here to stay, so we must exploit them to support and assist our daily lives and our business.

With rapid changes in ICT, there is an urgent need for businesses to outsource unnecessary inhouse work. Our job at AP Consulting is to decrease your overall costs, optimize and configure systems efficiency, allowing you to give undivided attention to your core competence.

We provide a wide range of services staring with an exhaustive, full scale analysis of your IT infrastructure. We provide reliable infrastructure, wired and wireless network, enterprise telephony, cloud services, cybersecurity, surveillance systems, monitoring, maintenance, web and app development, support and much more…

They are typically small and medium sized companies located throughout the country. Their fields of interest are a picture of diversity: business centers, accountants, lawyers, pharmacies, medical centers, notaries, designers, cleaning companies, real estate agents, heating services, service companies, architects, retail shops. Our job is to learn all there is to know about their IT infrastructure needs and then close the gaps. Our customers are also your reliable sources of reference, so please feel free to call on them if you wish.

Considering that we maintain good relations with our suppliers, they in turn keep us constantly informed about the latest industry developments. Thus, we are able to provide our customers with the latest hardware deals.