Networks - Wired & WI-FI

AP Consulting specializes in the administration, management, installation and maintenance of computer networks. Be it a wired or a wireless connection we install secure and efficient systems.

AP Consulting offers you advice in daily monitoring ensuring optimal functioning of your network. Our expertise allows our customers to understand the different possibilities available on the market and above all, solutions meeting your needs! Don’t waste precious time because of recurring IT problems, entrust them to professionals!

As businesses evolve, they need more flexible architectures. We assist you in your choices so that they are evolving while integrating your economic constraints.

We specialize in the administration, management, installation and maintenance of computer networks. Our mission is to ensure the stability, performance and security of your network. Security and privacy are crucial points for your business. We offer tailored security audits to provide you with the right solutions to protect your network.

We assist you, advise and monitor the progress of your business. Together, we ensure the optimum functioning of your infrastructure and ensure that your employees can work in the most efficient way possible.

Wi-Fi waves can be weakened by elements in your environment like: elevator shaft, walls, microwaves, radiators, ... it is paramount to carry out an on-site study, to have a strategically unbreakable plan for your Wi-Fi deployment. We define together the location of your future Wi-Fi antennas to ensure optimal operation.

In terms of security

We take care of securing your entire Wi-Fi infrastructure and create isolated networks for your visitors or private internet use of your employees.

In terms of performance

We help you discover the new standard Wi-Fi 'AC' allowing a high speed up to 10x faster than the old generation 'N'!

What can we bring to your business?

A powerful, secure and cost-efficient Wi-Fi network

Centralized administration

Extensible infrastructure according to your future needs

Visitors portal

Ability to host your controller in the cloud

Monitoring your Wi-Fi infrastructure Quality

Wired network vs Wireless Network

Wireless Network

As the word suggests “Wire-less”, refers to the absence of a physical cable. Nowadays many of our gadgets are connected to the Internet without cable, a Wireless connection (made through electromagnetic or infrared waves) with the help of antennas that transmit signals help us communicate without being connected through a cable. However, a wireless connection is somehow weaker in some situations and when the need for speed is necessary, or a high number of gadgets are connected at the same time, a company should consider wiring systems for their infrastructure as much as wireless.

Wired Network

Ethernet and wireless networks each have advantages and disadvantages; depending on your needs, one may serve you better than the other. Wired networks provide users with plenty of security and the ability to move lots of data very quickly. Wired networks are typically faster than wireless networks, and they can be very affordable. However, the cost of Ethernet cable can add up -- the more computers on your network and farther apart they are, the more expensive your network will be.

Comparing the two wired vs wireless we can see some differences

Why You Should Still Wire Up Your Office for Data?

It’s not because something is new and advanced that we should totally replace old systems, as the new stuff isn’t always ready and doesn’t necessarily implement the best services. We can indeed innovate and adapt to new technologies, however what works well we should keep until we have something better.

Wireless Network

Benefits of wireless connection
  • No need for physical wires
  • Easy to use and spread without any cabling and adapt to the network and the environmental space
  • Easy to add new gadgets on the network for new employees and or conference rooms
  • Allow access to network for visitors
  • Establish the area you want to spread the connection too
  • Wireless installation of network is easy and rapid
  • Mobile and unlimited operating in the entire covered network and able to connect base stations to one-another
  • Transmission can be made through EM waves, radio waves or infrared
  • Applications of wireless networks can be WLAN, WPAN (Zigbee and Bluetooth) and infrared cellular (GSM, CDMA, LTE)
Disadvantage of wireless connection
  • Easiness of connecting to the network opens gaps for security breaches creating further issues
  • Technology wizards consider wireless networks to be vulnerable to security threats also as a cause of using external or personal gadgets in the company network – this opens the system and makes it accessible for viruses and hacking
  • In the wireless networks the detriment is that delicate company information is mixed with private information and data is overwhelming the signals
  • Sharing sensitive information is not the safest through a wireless network, however is considered more secure through a wired infrastructure
  • Although enhanced and adjusted in past years, wireless network is still not as fast as the wired network when sharing files
  • The interference with this type of system is higher as a cause of objects and walls between the antenna/transmitter and the receiver or the gadget accessing the connection
  • Delay in connection setup and slower than wired
  • In terms of reliability
  • Sometimes costlier than wired
  • System bandwidth is low as the Frequency Spectrum is a scarce source

Wired Network

Benefits of wired connection
  • Wires help improve the security of the data connection
  • More reliable, faster and secure and consistent through cables
  • Operating speed and system bandwidth high
  • Lower costs as cables are not expensive
  • Applications in LAN and MAN
  • Less interference since the wired networks don’t affect each other
  • Better quality of service
  • More reliable in comparison to wireless as cables are more reliable and have been here for a long time which allowed for the connection to be further improved
  • Wires empower security and speed
  • When data is important the wired solution is the better choice
  • No unauthorized users can’t connect to the network
  • Traffic that is not essential to the network will not interact to the network
  • Gadgets connected through wireless networks will not have their data interfere with the wired data and no outside work while at work
Disadvantage of wireless connection
  • They impose physical work to connect and a physical network
  • The hassle of the wire and plenty of cables around
  • Limited in mobility as it operates only in the area covered by the wires
  • It requires more time to install so more time demanding