Stay informed, secured and a step ahead for the prosperity of your employees and wealth of your business.

Protect your business from cybercrime and cyber-threats, winning against it with help from our certified team offering to you holistic and customized services. Facts: Cyberthreat causes trillions in damages each year to the global economy.

Be prepared to withstand the upcoming and rising cyberwar and its allies. At a fast and frightening growing rate cyberattacks become increasingly dangerous. One in two companies has already suffered a computer attack and with the resurgence of Internet threats (ransomware, malware, phishing ...), this phenomenon continues to grow each year.

To avoid the loss of critical data and significant damage of your business, IT security solutions need to be adopted today. In addition, our specialized team can advise you regarding the state of your network and recommend the best practices. We provide priority assistance in case of attack and recovery plans from cybercrime. Explore and identify your customized security solutions to ensure the sustainability of your business!

The security solutions we offer are flexible and customized to best suit your needs

Solutions we offer in security

  • Flexible and personalized solutions

  • Data-encryption solutions

  • Firewall installation

  • Anti-spam & anti-virus

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Backup solutions

Active defense

If you would like your company not only to survive cyber threats, yet thrive, scaling without fear of exposure or vulnerabilities, then you should use AP Consulting's active defense.

The troubling question is: are you prepared for the cyber threats? If you aren’t prepared no big deal, we are here to satisfy your security needs and close the remaining gaps that make your company a target for cybercriminals. Choosing the right strategy and allies is paramount. Using top-notch techniques, tools and strategies can keep you and your company safe from attacks. Starting by performing a holistic audit of your IT infrastructure understand the necessary, consider possible solutions to reach your objectives Following anticipation, well- performed installations and gap eradication we take gumption and keep your IT infrastructure secure.