Voice over IP

Our VoIP solutions increase the efficiency of your employees, the satisfaction of your customers, reduces time waste and makes your wallet smile. If your current phone system came to the end of its capabilities, VoIP is the ultimate SOLUTION!

What does VoIP stand for?

Voice over Internet Protocol, otherwise calling over the Internet or with the internet connection. As a switch functions on the regular calling through phone lines so can connections be made through the Internet, connecting one person to the call on the incoming line. This allows national and international calling and brings in plenty other benefits helping improve the functionalities of a regular phone. VoIP represents a service offered by VoIP service provider alike with a telecom company or an Internet Provider but this for combining both services together resulting in calling over Internet Protocol.

Why was this approach necessary?

As the number of lines and phone numbers increase the risk of running out of numbers grows exponentially and solutions for the issue were absolutely necessary. Within big companies the use of Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or an inhouse telephone switching system that interconnects telephone exchange within the company however with the outside telephones is absolutely necessary.

What are the advantages that VoIP can offer?

Lower call rates

Remarkable lower call rates and one invoice for all locations

Reduced subscription

Reduced subscription rates in comparison with conventional operators

Cheaper calls

Cheaper calls through optional call bundles

Working from home

Free calls between branches, even internationally

Unique Numbers

International and national numbers in one


Calling via existing network without investing in a new one

Easy integration

Can be integrated with all telephone exchanges


Suitable for self-employed, as it allows calling from various locations


Provides flexibility to connect on multiple gadgets

Calls forwarding

Forward calls to your mobile when out of the office

Connected abroad

Stay in contact with your team at the same rates even when abroad

Multipurpose functionality

Multipurpose functionality user-friendly through fax, voicemail and messages.

AP Consulting is an official partner of the brand Sangoma/FreePBX /Unify.

VoIP solutions increase the efficiency of your employees, the satisfaction of your customers reducing inefficient waste of time and makes your wallet smile. Moreover, VoIP allows for a unified and simplified management of your IT infrastructure by organizing all in one network for telephone, fax and PC. If you are looking to reduce your calling costs, improve customer satisfaction and the way you and your employees/partners use phone services and you need flexibility and innovation in your calling system - the solution you are looking for is definitely VoIP. At AP Consulting the VoIP solution we offer will save your company money.